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Ejercicio - presente perfecto simple - for, since.

Escribe since o for en los espacios según el contexto.

I haven't seen John and Mary                   they broke up.



1) I've been on the waiting list ages now.

2) Steve's had that car as long as I can remember.

3) I haven't thought about what happened we last talked about it.

4) Our company has had financial problems it first started.

5) The mansion has stood there time out of mind.

6) Mrs Spencer has lived in that old shack over fifty years.

7) She's had health problems she was a child.

8) They've never liked people walking on their land they bought it.

9) Have you known the Jones's very long?

10) The water sprinklers have been on this morning.


*Incorrect answers are shown in red. You have two chances to find the correct answer.

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1. for

2. for

3. since

4. since

5. since

6. for

7. since

8. since

9. for

10. since

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