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Ejercicio - much, many, lot.

Elige la mejor opción entre las dos posibilidades de cada frase. Escribe much o many o a lot.


Is there much/many ice-cream in the fridge?



1) There aren't much/many people in the library.

2) We haven't got much/many space for all those toys.

3) Is there much/many coffee in the cupboard?

4) Hurry up, John! There is still many/a lot to see.

5) The dictionary wasn't much/many help.

6) Much/A lot of these books are very old.

7) How much/many moons does Jupiter have?

8) How much/many sport do you do?

9) Have you had much/many coffees this morning?

10) "How much/many eyes does a spider have?" "About eight, I think." "What many/a lot of eyes!" "Well, bees have much/a lot more eyes. They've got more than a thousand!"



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1) many

2) much

3) much

4) a lot

5) much

6) A lot of

7) many

8) much

9) many

10) many - a lot - a lot

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