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Ejercicio - much, many, lots, lot en frases formales, informales.

Las frases más abajo son formales pero utilizan, por error, a lot (of), el cual se utiliza en un registro más informal. Sustituye a lot (of) por much o many. Escribe sólo una palabra como respuesta.

There were a lot of discrepancies in the thesis. 



1) A lot of research has been carried out into the use of mother cells.

2) Unfortunately, we discovered a lot of faults in the report.

3) A lot has been discussed regarding the equality of the sexes.

4) We treated the issue with a lot of importance.

5) Despite a lot of attempts to contact you, we have not received a reply.

6) I am afraid there are a lot of things in need of repair.

7) We are experiencing a lot of regret regarding our current disagreement over prices.

8) On opening the packages we discovered a lot of items badly damaged.

9) A lot was debated during the meeting.

10) We regret we are unable to offer you a lot of pay increase.



*Respuestas incorrectas en rojo. Tienes dos intentos.

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1) Much

2) many

3) Much

4) much

5) many

6) many

7) much

8) many

9) Much

10) much

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