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Ejercicio - much, many en frases comparativas.

Elige entre much y many más el adjetivo para formar frases comparativas. Emplear el adjetivo entre paréntesis.

Dave is 190 centimetres tall. John is 155 centimetres tall. (Dave is tall.)

Dave is much taller than John.


1) Dave is 190 centimetres tall. John is 155 centimetres tall.

John is than Dave. (short)

2) June temperatures = 28ºC. August temperatures = 40ºC.

August is than June. (hot)

3) Melissa passed 8 exams. Peter passed 1 exam.

Melissa is a student than Peter. (good)

4) Everest is 8,848 metres high. Snowden is 1,085 metres high.

Everest is than Snowden. (high)

5) There are about 2,500 wolves in Spain. There are about 60,000 wolves in Canada.

Canada has wolves than Spain. (more)

6) Mary earns 50,000 euros a year. John earns 15,000 euros a year.

Mary earns money than John. (more)

7) Dave can give business presentations in English. Steve can only say "good morning" in English.

Steve speaks English than Dave. (good)

8) There aren't many jobs in the country. There are hundreds of job in the city.

The city has jobs than in the country. (more)

9) This building is very old and ugly. That building is modern with beautiful colours.

That building is than this building. (beautiful)

10) Humans have 32 teeth. Sharks have about 3,000 teeth.

Sharks have teeth than humans. (more)



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1) John is much shorter than Dave.

2) August is much hotter than June.

3) Melissa is a much better student than Peter.

4) Everest is much higher than Snowden.

5) Canada has many more wolves than Spain.

6) Mary earns much more money than John.

7) Steve speaks much worse English than Dave.

8) The city has many more jobs than the country.

9) That building is much more beautiful than this building.

10) Sharks have many more teeth than humans.

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