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Ejercicio - too much y too many.

Todas las respuestas entre paréntesis expresan algún tipo de problema. Escribe too much o too many. Ver el ejemplo.

Is there much noise in the public library?

Yes, too much    .


1) Are there many students in the class?

Yes, .

2) Were there many people at the football match?

Yes, .

3) Is there much pollution where you live?

Yes, .

4) Was there much rain last weekend?

Yes, .

5) Have you got much work today?

Yes, .

6) Does John like you, Mary?

Yes, .

7) Would you like some more chocolate cake?

No, thank you. I've eaten .

8) Would you like some socks for Christmas?

No, thank you. I've got .

9) Shall we go running again tomorrow?

No, this week I've run .

10) There are a lot of cars in your city, aren't there?

Yes, .



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1) too many.

2) too many.

3) too much.

4) too much.

5) too much.

6) too much.

7) too much.

8) too many.

9) too much.

10) too many.

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