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Ejercicio - pasado continuo y simple.

Acciones interrumpidas - contraste de pasado simple y pasado continuo.

En las frases más abajo, algo o alguien interrumpe la acción en curso. Inserta la forma correcta de los infinitivos que se ven entre paréntesis al final de cada frase. Elige o pasado simple o pasado continuo.

También puedes escuchar los ejemplos de pasado continuo inglés una vez terminada el ejercicio.

A group of friends were having dinner in an old house in the country when suddenly there a noise and the door slowly. ... (be) (open)

John was sitting in his office reading the newspaper when he the sound of a car crash in the street. ... (hear)

Mary was walking home late one night when a strange man her and for a cigarette. ... (stop) (ask)

Policeman Plod was leaving home one morning when his wife to him from the door. "You've forgotten your umbrella!" she said. ... (call)

We were driving along a country road when suddenly a fox out in front of the car and at us. ... (jump) (look)

While I was studying my English grammar lesson, my husband in and he wanted to watch the television. ... (come) (say)

Cambia los verbos entre paréntesis al pasado continuo para demostrar que están pasando dos acciones a la misma vez y durante el mismo período de tiempo.

I 11. on the grass relaxing while the band 12. classical music. ... (lie) (play)

It was a cold day. The wind 13. hard and the rain 14. heavily. ... (blow) (fall)

John 15. in the sea while the children 16. on the beach. ... (swim) (play)

We 17. the plans while our boss 18. about the project. ... (draw) (talk)

While John 19. the presentation, nobody 20. . ... (give) (listen)


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1. was

2. opened

3. heard

4. stopped

5. asked

6. called

7. jumped

8. looked

9. came

10. said

11. was lying

12. was playing

13. was blowing

14. was falling

15. was swimming

16. were playing

17. were drawing

18. was talking

19. was giving

20. was listening


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