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Ejercicio - presente continuo 2.

Elige el presente simple o el presente continuo. Emplea el infinitivo entre paréntesis. Puedes utilizar la forma contraída (I'm) o completa (I am) del verbo.

He sometimes plays     golf. (play)

1) Mary to work every day from Monday to Friday. (go)

2) It often here in summer. (rain)

3) At the moment we at 30,000 feet. (fly)

4) An aeroplane like this one at over 600 miles per hour at top speed. (fly)

5) I can't go out now. I my baby brother. (look after)

6) Please wait a moment. I this piece of work. (just finish)

7) You can't go in right now. Mary a bath. (have)

8) I never in bed. It keeps me awake. (read)

9) I War and Peace at the moment. I really love it. (read)

10) At weekends John climbing. He's fanatical about it. (go)


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1) goes

2) rains

3) are flying / 're flying

4) flies

5) am looking after / 'm looking after

6) am just finishing / 'm just finishing

7) is having / 's having

8) read

9) am reading / 'm reading

10) goes

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