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Ejercicio - presente continuo 3.

Elige el presente simple inglés o el presente continuo según el contexto. Emplea el infinitivo del verbo entre paréntesis. Puedes utilizar la forma contraída o completa del verbo.

She always does     her English homework. (do)

1) I a lot of jobs around the house at weekends. (do)

2) We never to the cinema like we did when we were children. (go)

3) I think he some gardening. Yes, there he is planting potatoes. (do)

4) Everybody to the football match. That's why we can't find a place to park now. (go)

5) John occasionally for the local newspaper. (write)

6) The man the coffee machine. We'll have to wait until he's finished. (fix)

7) She a lot in her diary during the holidays. (write)

8) My wife generally the electrical appliances in our house. She's great! (fix)

9) the tap water when you go abroad? (you drink?)

10) Come on, Johnny! You your vegetables again, are you? (you not eat)


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1) do

2) go

3) 's doing/is doing

4) 's going/is going

5) writes

6) 's fixing/is fixing

7) writes

8) fixes

9) Do you drink

10) aren't eating/'re not eating/are not eating

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