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Ejercicio - presente continuo futuro y will 2.

Comparar presente continuo inglés con el uso de will para predicciones y ofreciendo.

Escribe las frases más abajo con la forma del verbo con will o el presente continuo para futuro según el contexto. Solamente hay que completar la frase entre paréntesis. Puedes utilizar la forma contraída o completa del verbo.

"Hello, Johnny. Are you coming out to play?"
"Sorry, Timmy. Mummy says I can't. (I catch a cold.)"

I 'll catch     a cold.
I will catch     a cold. 

1) "What's the matter, John?"
"Mary's taken my car keys! (I be late for work again.)"

I late for work again.

2) "There are no buses today! What shall I do?"
"Don't worry. Let's see. I know. (I take you to work in my car.)"

I you to work in my car.

3) "What are you doing about the repairs to the house?"
"I've got everything under control! (The builders come tomorrow.)"

The builders tomorrow.

4) "There's a great show at the Theatre Royal tomorrow night. Can you come?"
"That won't be possible, I'm afraid. (I go on a business trip.)"

I on a business trip.

5) "Have we got enough food for everybody at this party?"
"I've spent 200 euros on food. (I think there be enough.)"

I think there enough.

6) "Oh, no. We're going to the beach tomorrow and it's going cloudy!"
"Don't worry. I saw the weather forecast. (The weather be fine tomorrow.)"

The weather fine tomorrow.

7) "I just haven't got time to fetch the children from school this afternoon."
"But don't you remember? (I pick them up today.)"

I them up today.

8) "My hair looks a mess! What can I do about it?"
"Come on. (I take you to the hairdresser's.)"

I you to the hairdresser's.

9) "Be careful up that ladder! You don't look safe!"
"Don't be silly! I'm fine! (I not fall) Aaaggghh!!!"

I .

10) "Excuse me, Mrs Jones. Can Johnny come and play with me tomorrow morning?"
"I'm sorry, Timmy. (He play football in the morning.)"

He football in the morning.



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Respuestas: (La forma contraída será más natural para el inglés hablado y es la forma que se ve aquí solamente.)

1) I'll be late for work again.

2) I'll take you to work in my car.

3) The builders are coming tomorrow.

4) I'm going on a business trip.

5) I think there'll be enough. / I think there will be enough.

6) The weather'll be fine tomorrow. / The weather will be fine tomorrow.

7) I'm picking them up today.

8) I'll take you to the hairdresser's.

9) I won't fall!

10) He's playing football in the morning.

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