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Ejercicio - presente perfecto simple - antes y ahora.

Emplea el presente perfecto simple para expresar una acción que empezó antes y sigue en la actualidad. Utiliza el verbo en paréntesis.

John bought a new bicycle a week ago. (have)

John has had             his new bicycle for a week. (o, 's had     )


1) I bought this shirt a month ago. (have)
I this shirt for a month.

2) We bought this house last year. (live)
We in this house for a year.

3) My cousin arrived two days ago. (be)
My cousin with us for two days.

4) Mary started studying English when she was very little. (study)
Mary English nearly all her life.

5) John and Mary liked each other when they were very young. (be)
John and Mary friends since they were very young.

6) I enjoy learning English. I did when I was a child too. (always like)
I learning English.

7) Did you see Steve this morning or this afternoon? (see?)
Steve today?

8) Did Real Madrid play on Saturday? (play?)
this week?

9) I didn't go into work today. (not go)
I to work today.

10) I didn't have time for a swim this week. (not have)
I a swim this week.


*Incorrect answers are shown in red. You have two chances to find the correct answer.

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1. have had / 've had

2. have lived / 've lived

3. 's been / has been

4. 's studied / has studied

5. 've been / have been

6. 've always liked / have always liked

7. Have you seen

8. Have Real Madrid played / Have they played

9. have not been / haven't been*

10. have not had / haven't had

* Gone no es posible porque hablamos de ir y luego volver.

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