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Ida's bilingual child recordings speaking English.

These twins, Alexia and Valeria, are Spanish and live in Spain. The child's parents are both Spanish but her mother, Ida, speaks English to her child at home.

My personal opinion is that the level of English of these children is really quite extraordinary.


November 2015.
Age: Three years and three months.

Driving to a shopping centre. This is the conversation that took place:

Listen 1...

Alexia: “ABCDEFG…﾿

Valeria: “Alexia is not stopping, Mama﾿ (Se queja porque quiere cantar ella sola y su hermana no para de cantar)

Me: Alexia doesn’t stop singing the song

Valeria: Yes, It’s too difficult like this

Me: It’s too difficult to sing when tata is singing at the same time

Me: We have arrive to the mall, what do you want to buy? Do you need something for home?

Valeria: I need Frankfurt

Me: You don’t need anything more? Only frankfurts?

Valeria: and Pizza and pumpkin

Me: A pumpkin?

Alexia: No, tenemos pumpkin en casa

Me: We have pumpkin

Valeria: No, the another pumpkin is for you

Me: ahh, you want to buy a pumpkin for me, now?

Valeria: Yes

Me: For Halloween?

Valeria: Yes, for you Mama and for Papa

Me: and what can we put inside the pumpkin?

Valeria: a candle!

Me: Yeees, a candle

Alexia: Sii para que se vea

Me: To see the light inside the pumpkin

Alexia: sino, no se ve

Valeria: si es de juguete

Me: It’s a toy pumpkin? No, it’s a real pumpkin, Papa peeled it the other day and put the candle inside, remember?

Valeria: That candle is of a juguete

Me: It’s a toy candle

Me: and if you put the finger inside, What could happen?

Valeria: I burn and make pupa

Me: You can burn, what?

Valeria: My finger and my mouth, and here mama, and here…

Me: In your knee? In so many parts of your body you can burn…

Alexia: Y en la cara…


Putting stickers on the wall of their new bedroom:

Listen 2...

Me: who break that one?

Valeria: Alexia

Alexia: sorry mama, estaba intentando hacer, despegando

Valeria: Can you give it to me? that one, Can you give it that one to me, please?

Alexia: I must be careful, ok, mama, please?

Valeria: mama I ‘ve got a star in my finger

Me: you’ve got a star, Ok, le’ts put it in here

Alexia: I must be careful,

Me: Give me more stars

Alexia: No, coge esta

Me: This is the tree and mama is going to put the tree on the wall

Valeria: Ohh careful mama, ok?


More stickers on the wall!

Listen 3...

Valeria: We need to put all of them, we need to put all of them because we need to ….… a little bit

Alexia: but I need to help you, corre tata, tus pegatinas, corre

Valeria: Qué vas a hacer?

Alexia: In the sky, please in the sky, please here.

Valeria: Pega that one

Alexia: be careful tata

Me: nooo, don’t take this sticker because it’s really big and I’m sure you are going to break it, mama do it

Alexia: yes, of course, I’m going to be careful, ok mama?

Me: You must take really care, I don’t what you to break it, ehhh Alexia, don’t do that, take one star

(Fights break out!…)


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