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Mibebebilingue's bilingual child recordings speaking English.

Diana was four this month and speaks more English than Spanish according to her mother. Watches the TV in English a lot and learns her pronunciations from there. We note excellent comprehension and unforced dialogue. The father uses Spanish at no apparent detriment to the development of Diana's English.


October 2014.

Here she is on her fourth birthday trying on a new dress...

Listen to Diana...

Mother: Hey, so what do you think?

Diana: It´s...I love it!

Mother: Good! You look pretty!

Diana: Yes, I am, It is like this.

Mother: Yes, and did you see the doll? She has the same dress.

Diana: I know...she has shoes.

Mother: Yes, the shoes are...quite look so pretty.

Diana: Thank you mummy...¡Luis mira!

Luis, father: ¡Ay qué guapa!

Diana and I: (sing) ¡Happy birthday to you!


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