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Explanation of much and many in negatives...

Exercise: much, many 7.

Exercise on much and many in negative sentences.

Write the negative answer for each question using much, many.

Were there many cars on the road?

No, there were not many     cars.


1) Were there many people on the Underground?

No, people.

2) Can you see many mistakes in this exercise.

No, I mistakes.

3) Is there much traffic in your city?

No, traffic.

4) Was there much snow last Christmas?

No, snow.

5) Have you got much shopping today?

No, I shopping.

6) Did John like the conference much?

No, he did not .

7) Did you drink many beers last night?

No, I did not beers.

8) Did you get many presents for you birthday?

No, I did not presents.

9) Did you do much skiing last winter?

No, I did not skiing.

10) Do you do much swimming?

No, I do not swimming.



*Incorrect answers are shown in red. You have two chances to find the correct answers.

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1) No, there were not many people.

2) No, I cannot see many mistakes.

3) No, there is not much traffic.

4) No, there was not much snow.

5) No, I have not got much shopping.

6) No, he did not like it much.

7) No, I did not drink many beers.

8) No, I did not get many presents.

9) No, I did not do much skiing.

10) No, I do not do much swimming.


Explanation of much and many in negatives...

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