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Exercise: prepositions of movement 1.

Exercise on preposition opposites and related verbs.

Useful vocabulary for this exercise:

prepositions 9

prepositions 5

prepositions 6

prepositions 7

prepositions 4

prepositions 1
climbing frame

prepositions 10
Wendy house

prepositions 8
wooden train

prepositions 2
duck pond

prepositions 3
hole in the ground


A mother is with her child, Angela, in the park. Angela wants to go on lots of things. Her mother tells her to come off them. Use opposite prepositions with either go or come or another verb.

Angela goes onto a roundabout.

Her mother says: Come off    there now!
(Come is the opposite of go and off the opposite of onto)


1) Angela goes on a see-saw. Her mother says: there now!

2) Angela goes up the slide. Angela's mother says: from there now!

3) Angela goes on a swing. Her mother says: there now!

4) Angela goes in the sandpit. Her mother says: of there now!

5) Angela goes up the climbing frame. Her mother says: from there now!

6) Angela goes into the Wendy house. Her mother says: of there now!

7) Angela climbs up a tree. Her mother says: from there now!

8) Angela gets into a wooden train. Her mother says: of there now!

9) Angela jumps into the duck pond. Her mother says: of there now!

10) Angela falls down a hole. Her mother says: here now!



*Incorrect answers are shown in red. You have two chances to find the correct answers.

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1) Get off / Come off

2) Get down / Come down

3) Get off / Come off

4) Get out / Come out

5) Get down / Come down

6) Get out / Come out

7) Get down / Come down / Climb down

8) Come out / Get out

9) Come out / Get out

10) Come up / Get up / Climb up


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