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Exercise: wish and if only 2.

Exercise on the structure of wish sentences (past tense).

Choose the correct verb or modal auxiliary for the spaces (only TWO words per space). These sentences refer to the past. The verb you need to use is underlined.

John has such a lovely car!

If only I had had             a lovely car like that when I was his age.


I didn't study very much at university. I found studying so difficult.
1) I wish I studying easier then.

I didn't see many films at the cinema when I was a child.
2) If only I more films in those days.

Dave went to Cuba yesterday for a two-week holiday.
3) I wish I with him.

It must be so nice to live by the sea.
4) I wish I by the sea when I was a child.

When she was young, she travelled a lot.
5) I wish I when I was her age.

He was very wealthy in those days and could do what he liked.
6) If only I as rich then as he was.

There weren't many parks near our house.
7) I wish there more parks for us to play in when I was a child.

I was fed up with the work I had but I never changed my job.
8) If only I my job for a better one.

I didn't know many people in my town because I rarely went out.
9) I wish I out more in those days.

I knew it was dangerous but I just jumped straight into the water.
10) I wish I in without looking. (negative)



*Incorrect answers are shown in red. You have two chances to find the correct answers.

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1) had found

2) had seen

3) had gone ("had been" is not possible because he has not come back yet)

4) had lived

5) had travelled (Am.E traveled)

6) had been

7) had been

8) had changed

9) had gone

10) hadn't jumped


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