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Exercise: wish and if only.

Exercise on the structure of wish sentences (present tense).

Choose the correct verb or modal auxiliary for the spaces (only one word per space). If the sentence is affirmative, the verb you need to use is underlined.

John has such a lovely car!

If only I had             a lovely car like that.


I don't study very much. I find studying so difficult.
1) I wish I studying easier.

I don't see many films at the cinema. I don't have time.
2) If only I more time to see films.

Dave can go on holiday when he likes. He's so lucky!
3) I wish I go on holiday when I liked.

It must be so nice to live by the sea.
4) I wish I by the sea.

She's so young. I feel envious.
5) I wish I her age.

He's very rich. He can buy anything.
6) If only I as rich as he is.

There aren't many parks near my house.
7) I wish there more parks here.

I'm fed up with work. It's so boring.
8) If only I have to work. (negative)

I don't know many people in my town.
9) I wish I more people here.

My neighbour is always looking at me. He scares me.
10) I wish he look at me so much. (negative)



*Incorrect answers are shown in red. You have two chances to find the correct answers.

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1) found

2) had

3) could

4) lived

5) were / was

6) were / was

7) were

8) didn't

9) knew

10) didn't / wouldn't


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