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Argue, discuss - differences.

Confusing meanings of argue and discuss.

We argue with somebody about something if we are upset or angry and don't agree with the other person. A discussion is usually a conversation to talk about an issue to try to decide something. To argue (often with "for" or "against") a point also means an intellectual process to persuade somebody you are right - for example in an essay. We discuss something (not: about something) with somebody. Discuss usually has a direct object: I discussed this with her but we can use argue without the direct object: we were always arguing.


Fill the gaps with the noun (argument, discussion) or the correct form of the verb. (The verb tense is shown in brackets where more than one tense is possible.)

1) Sophie had a bitter with her husband then walked out of the house.

2) John and Mary endlessly about money. (past simple)

3) The plans for expanding the plant were in great detail.

4) Steve was always with his boss.

5) After the seminar, there will be time for informal .

6) In his latest book, the author offers a passionate for protecting the environment.

7) You could easily that by encouraging tourism the city will benefit economically.

8) I'm not prepared to this over the phone. It's a very delicate matter.

9) We both sat down and quietly the problem until we reached a decision. (past simple)

10) The leader of the opposition party against a rise in interest rates. (past simple)



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Answers... (Explanations to these answers are given above.)

1) argument

2) argued

3) discussed

4) arguing

5) discussion

6) argument

7) argue

8) discuss

9) discussed

10) argued

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