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Collocations about employment.

We talk about hiring and firing, which means to take somebody on to work or to get rid of somebody or sack an employee. There are a lot of words that talk about employing staff. The differences may often be about register: formal or informal. For example, in formal English we would say someone has been dismissed from their position but in informal English, someone is sacked from his job. However, newspapers and media reports often use these informal expressions and a headline might read: "Acme boss sacked over company car scandal".

Read each sentence then fill in the space with the completed word from the letters in brackets. (Some answers are in the above paragraph. See explanations to answers below.)

1) Many small businesses suffering from the economic downturn, will have to (L_Y   O_F) workers.

2) Two ministers were sacked and one (S_SP_ND_D) without pay for improper behaviour.

3) The company (H_R_D) an analyst to examine the data.

4) When Fred was caught stealing from the petty cash box, the company (FI_E_) immediately.

5) The police force have (RE_R_IT_D) twenty new police officers due to the rise in crime in the area.

6) We are currently (T_KI_G   O_) new staff for our rapidly expanding bio-fuel business.

7) Two hundred factory workers have been made (RE_U_D_NT) as car sales plummet.

8) Mr Smithers was (APP_I_T_D) rector of the university. He was happy to accept the post.

9) I'm acting manageress at the moment while Mrs Jones is away. But it's only a temporary  (P_S_T_ON).

10) After a series of discipline problems with Mr Jones, the company eventually decided to (L_ _) him go.


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