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Collocations - hour.

Do you know you can sleep for eight solid hours? (if you're lucky!). It just means you slept well and didn't wake up at all. Time goes slowly when you say "I grew more worried with every passing hour" and time also goes slowly when you're in the rush hour (when everybody is in their cars going to work). Fortunately, if you can get to the pub during office hours to have a pint of beer you might catch the happy hour (when the beer is half price)!

Complete the words which collocate with HOUR or HOURS and write them in the spaces. (See explanations to answers below.)

1) HOURS. (The hours you are actually at work - usually when you work with the public etc. But there might be other hours when you work at home.)

2) HOURS. (spend time from start to finish of an activity, a journey etc.)

3) HOURS. (Time lost from doing a pointless activity, for example.)

4) THE HOUR. (Usually refers to how someone is paid.)

5) AN HOUR. (The opposite of UNDER AN HOUR.)

P_ _
6) HOUR. (For example, when talking about the speed of a car, etc.)

7) THE HOUR. (= in less than an hour)

8) THE HOUR. (When the time is at o'clock.)

V_S_ _ I_G
9) HOURS. (The times when you can go to see somebody in hospital, in prison, etc.)

10) HOURS. (The hours just after midnight.)


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