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Collocations - mind.

We use the word "mind" in English when we talk about our ability to think. We talk about the conscious or unconscious mind. We also use mind when we talk about our intellect: have a brilliant, good, keen mind refers to someone who is very clever. So we can say Einstein was one on the greatest minds of the twentieth century. This word is also used with verbs for a lot of everyday expressions. So keep your mind on the job (focus on what you are doing) and don't let your mind go blank (don't lose complete concentration) and learn some of them!

Complete the verbs (plus preposition if shown) which collocate with MIND and write them in the spaces. All the verbs are in the infinitive. (See explanations to answers below.)

C_ME   T_
1)  MIND. (when something occurs to someone suddenly)

2) ONE'S MIND. (Used after "never", this collocation means you never doubted something, you were sure of something.)

3) ONE'S MIND. (A lot of thoughts occur to you at the same time.)

B_AR   I_
4) MIND. (Take something into consideration. Be aware of some important fact.)

5) ONE'S MIND. (To forget something at a moment in time.)

ST_C_   I_
6) ONE'S MIND. (Easy to remember.)

PR_Y   O_
7) ONE'S MIND. (A thought that makes you worry a lot.)

8) ONE'S MIND. (Do a mental activity so you don't get bored.)

9) ONE'S MIND. (Make an effort to think of some idea.)

10) ONE'S MIND. (Go crazy.)


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