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Quick and fast.

Explanation of quick and fast.

We use "quick" when we talk about something that takes a short amount of time. "Fast" is usually used when we talk about things moving at high speed. This means that both words may be used when we say "he's quick/fast at doing something"; "a fast/quick worker"; "a fast/quick run"; "a fast/quick learner". But in other expressions we don't use "fast" when somebody does something in a short time: "Be fast! The bus in leaving!" We don't usually say "a quick car" or "don't drive so quickly". We can use "quick" and "fast" with words referring to change like: recovery, rate, rise and services: delivery, response, repair. We only use "quick" with words like: hug, kiss, bath and wash. We also use "quick" to talk about meals: breakfast, lunch, dinner, etc.

1) The road from Seville to Cadiz is very .

2) I had a breakfast before I left for work.

3) My daughter's a learner.

4) Children are to learn languages.

5) There isn't a answer to this problem.

6) Be ! We're going to be late!

7) This company make very deliveries.

8) She had a shower and got dressed.

9) A cheetah can run at a very speed.

10) Mary is in hospital but she's making a recovery.


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