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FCE - B2 - commit, compromise - differences.

Confusing meanings of commit and compromise.

Read the ten definitions (a to j). Each definition shows the verb it corresponds to (commit or compromise). Now read the examples sentences (1 to 10). Write the verb in the correct form in the spaces. There is one definition for each example sentence. Also write the corresponding definition letter eg. (Definition: G   ).

A) Bring something into danger especially acting in a way that is not sensible. (compromise)

B) Completely loyal to one person, organization. (commit)

C) Do something that is against your principles or does not reach certain standards. (compromise)

D) Do something wrong or illegal. (commit)

E) Kill oneself. (commit)

F) Make a decision so that it is then difficult to change it. (commit)

G) Order somebody to be sent to hospital or prison. (commit)

H) Spend money or time on something. (commit)

I) To give up some of the things you want in order to reach an agreement. (compromise)

J) To learn something by memorising it. (commit)


1) A terrible murder was last night in Oxford Street. (Definition: )

2) The jewel thief was to ten years imprisonment. (Definition: )

3) Neither side was prepared to . They refused to give up their demands. (Definition: )

4) Mary is totally to her company. She would not work anywhere else. (Definition: )

5) If we don't attend this meeting, we'll our chances of closing the deal. (Definition: )

6) Van Gough is supposed to have suicide. (Definition: )

7) The government have recently large amounts of money to education. It is hoped that now standards will rise. (Definition: )

8) You don't have to yourself now. You have a week to think about it. (Definition: )

9) The company cannot on safety. (Definition: )

10) Pedro the irregular verb table to memory. (Definition: )



*Incorrect answers are shown in red. You have two chances to find the correct answers.

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1) committed (definition D)

2) committed (definition G) (usually only in the passive form)

3) compromise (definition I)

4) committed (definition B)

5) compromise (definition A)

6) committed (definition E)

7) committed (definition H)

8) commit (definition F)

9) compromise (definition C)

10) committed (definition J)

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