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Dependent prepositions exercise 2 (B2, C1).

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Read these sentences with words that require a dependent preposition. Write only the preposition in the space.

1) Some people find it difficult to tell the difference work and play.

2) All users must comply the terms of the contract.

3) I always associate Christmas family, good food and a time to relax.

4) The employees went on strike to campaign better work conditions.

5) I'm fed up with my job here so I've applied another job in another company.

6) He is always boasting his car - how fast and expensive it is.

7) She doesn't approve my clothes. She thinks I dress badly.

8) My husband and I always argue who should do the ironing. Neither of us like it.

9) I don't believe ghosts. It's a silly idea.

10) I commented the rubbish around our town to the mayor. I think somebody should clean it up.



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1) difference between (= to separate)

2) comply with (= to obey)

3) associate with (= to make a connection with)

4) campaign for (= to ask for by protesting)

5) apply for (= to send a CV to a company to ask for a job)

6) boast about (= to brag, to say wonderful things about yourself or something you have)

7) approve of (= to have a good opinion of)

8) argue about (= to disagree and get angry)

9) believe in (= to think it is true)

10) comment on (= to mention something)

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