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Dependent prepositions exercise 3 (B1, B2).

See an explanation of dependent prepositions.... The dependent prepositions below are some of the most common ones and therefore essential for correct B2 level English tests.


Look at the sentences below with words that require a dependent preposition. Write the preposition only in the space.

1) Just ask the teacher help. She always has time for her students.

2) I found this mobile phone on a chair. I imagine it belongs one of your students.

3) My grandmother lives with us at home. We have to care her.

4) I enjoy my work because I have to deal the public. I like that about my job.

5) I don't like television. I prefer to listen the radio.

6) You shouldn't laugh that man just because he's got a big nose.

7) I'd like to pay this meal. It's my birthday today!

8) I'm tired my job. Every day is the same.

9) We've been waiting the bus for an hour. It's not usually so late.

10) Don't worry your interview tomorrow. I'm sure it will go fine.



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1) ask for (= to make a request for something)

2) belong to (= if something belongs to you, it means you are the owner)

3) care for (= to look after, to help with their needs)

4) deal with (= to handle, to have contact with and help, advise)

5) listen to (= to hear something for a prolonged time)

6) laugh at (= to think something is funny and show your feelings)

7) pay for (= to pay money to cover the cost of something)

8) tired of (= to feel bored with usually because something is repetitive)

9) wait for (= to stay where you are until something happens)

10) worry about (= to be anxious about)

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