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Dependent prepositions exercise 4 (B1, B2).

For an explanation of dependent prepositions.... The dependent prepositions below are common ones and therefore essential for correct B2 level English tests and useful for B1 level students.


Look at the sentences below with words that require a dependent preposition. Write the preposition only in the space.

1) I didn't agree what he was saying. It was simply not true.

2) My son is afraid the dark. He thinks there are monsters under the bed.

3) The Spanish weather if very different UK weather. In Spain it's always sunny and in the UK it just rains!

4) The weather in southern Italy is similar the weather in southern Spain.

5) There has been an increase sales this month. We're very happy about that!

6) Recently, there has been a decrease the number of salmon in our river. Perhaps it's due to pollution.

7) I'm very fond Italian food; especially pizza. Delicious!

8) The students are good reading and writing English but they don't speak the language very well.

9) I was bad maths when I was a child. I hated it too.

10) My grandmother was always very kind us. She bought us sweets and cooked lovely meals.



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1) agree with (= to share similar ideas and opinions with another person)

2) afraid to (= to be frightened of)

3) different from (= to contrast, not be the same)

4) similar to (= be the same or share characteristics)

5) increase in (= a tendency going up)

6) decrease in (= a tendency going down)

7) fond of (= to like)

8) good at(= to do something well)

9) bad at (= to do something badly)

10) kind to (= to show affection towards)

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