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Dependent prepositions exercise 1.

Verbs, adjectives, nouns and their prepositions (B2 - C1).

When a verb is followed by an object or gerund it is often accompanied by a preposition. The verb needs this preposition to express the meaning so we call these words dependent prepositions. There are similar cases with adjectives and nouns that use prepositions.

For example, we always say I looked at a picture (verb + object); I saved her from drowning (verb + gerund). The prepositions at and from are so essential that it is preferable to learn the verb together with its preposition as one lexical item. In the cases of adjectives and nouns, we say I am not frightened of spiders (adjective) and I dislike cruelty towards animals (noun). These dependent prepositions are often not intuitive so students need to read and listen a great deal to English to learn them.


Here are some sentences with words that require a dependent preposition. Write only the preposition in the space.

1) When we went to the tourist office, the girl provided us lots of useful information.

2) I've been reflecting what you said yesterday. It was very interesting.

3) At the holiday camp, our children were engaged lots of different activities.

4) Living abroad doesn't appeal me. Life would be so different there.

5) I don't have that web page included my list of favourites.

6) We opted the car with a hybrid engine. It is more ecological.

7) She was promoted manager last week.

8) Don't blame me scratching the car. It wasn't my fault.

9) People are very concerned about the increase pollution in our rivers.

10) He devotes a lot of time looking after his children.



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1) provide with (= to give)

2) reflect on (= to think about)

3) engage in (= to involve in)

4) appeal to (= to attract, to interest)

5) include in (= to contain)

6) opt for (= to choose)

7) promote to / or no preposition (= to give somebody a higher position in their job)

8) blame for (= to say it was somebody's fault)

9) increase in (= the rise in)

10) devote to (= to dedicate)

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