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FCE - hotel reviews exercise 4.

Fill in the gaps.

Below are some typical expressions you can use when writing hotel reviews for the First Certificate exam. Do this exercise on these expressions by writing the words from the list in the spaces. Check your answers. Then you can copy the complete phrases for your own reference and exam revision.

Hotel in the country.

packed lunches / dishes / air-conditioned / charming / interiors / come with / arrange / equipped with / in the heart / surrounded by / as well as / rural property / enjoy traditional / horse riding

This hotel is situated 1. () of the Picos de Europa Natural Park, metres from the Cable Car.

Rooms 2. () a terrace with views over the landscape.

The hotel is a 3. () stone and wood building with free private parking, a free Wi-Fi area and large gardens.

The restaurant serves wines and 4. () from the region, including stews and meats.

The hotel can 5. () many activities in the Picos de Europa.

Activities include 4x4 routes in the Picos de Europa, 6. () hiking and mountain biking.

This 7. () is located in the National Park.

The bungalows feature light wood 8. () and modern furniture.

Each room is 9. () heating and air conditioning, and a kitchenette with a hob and microwave.

There are also 10. () rooms with a mini-bar.

The complex has a restaurant and a bar where you can 11. () Andalusian food.

There is a barbecue, and 12. () are also available if you are planning a day trip.

The complex features a games room with a table tennis table and organises activities such as 13. () and 4x4.

Access to the complex is via a charming country road 14. () wildlife.


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