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FCE - hotel reviews exercise 5.

Fill in the gaps.

Below are some typical expressions you can use when writing hotel reviews for the First Certificate exam. Do this exercise on these expressions by writing the words from the list in the spaces. Check your answers. Then you can copy the complete phrases for your own reference and exam revision.

Praising a hotel.

shady / comfortably furnished / warmth and friendliness / commitment / well-kept / grounds / lovely setting / buffet dinner / creates / their guests / outstanding / stay / The suite / occupies

The most immediate and enduring impression is the 1. () of the owners.

They are willing to engage with 2. (), fulfil every need, answer any question, yet never intrude.

Their 3. () to their guests and their pride in their hotel is evident in everything they do.

They maintain an informal, personal style that 4. () a family environment.

The hotel 5. () a stately villa of great antiquity, rich in architectural detail.

The rooms and common areas are 6. () as they might be in a private home.

Our meal at the hotel comprised fresh and delicious food with 7. () waiter service.

The 8. () we had was on their seafood night and was excellent.

This was my third 9. () and I will return again.

Clean and 10. () hotel right next to the immaculate 18-hole golf course.

Friendly staff and beautiful 11. ().

12. () we stayed in was wonderful. The bathroom is very well supplied with toiletries.

The bungalow is very comfortable with lots of space and a 13. () terrace.

Good food, 14. (), very quiet and peaceful.


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