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FCE - hotel reviews exercise 6.

Fill in the gaps.

Below are some typical expressions you can use when writing hotel reviews for the First Certificate exam. Do this exercise on these expressions by writing the words from the list in the spaces. Check your answers. Then you can copy the complete phrases for your own reference and exam revision.

Criticising a hotel.

reception / over-priced / awful / boast / worn out / not suitable / rather small and noisy / allocated / Poorly signposted / replaced

It was an 1. () experience!

Staff speaks only Spanish, even at the 2. () desk!

Breakfast was extremely 3. ().

I was 4. () a room which overlooked an ugly car park.

The beds need to be 5. ().

6. () from the road.

The apartment was 7. ()

The kitchenette was 8. () for preparing a dinner and was equipped with a minimum of utensils.

How can such a place 9. () 5 stars and be selected in the Michelin Guide?!

The huge double bed was 10. (), the sofa and armchairs seemed to have lost their springs; I sank to the ground.


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