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FCE - hotel reviews exercise 7.

Fill in the gaps.

Below are some typical expressions you can use when writing hotel reviews for the First Certificate exam. Do this exercise on these expressions by writing the words from the list in the spaces. Check your answers. Then you can copy the complete phrases for your own reference and exam revision.

Criticising a hotel 2.

overcrowded / lobby / keep / sofa bed / at night / darkened / only average / closed on / per person / peeling off

The bathroom was dull with the paint 1. ().

The huge dining room was too noisy and 2. () with people.

The small window was 3. () by thick curtains.

The 4. () was very worn out.

The hotel was quite noisy 5. ().

The drinks were very expensive and the food quality was 6. ().

The restaurant was 7. () Monday.

When asking about breakfast (not included) we heard it cost 18 euros 8. () but no one could say what it consisted of.

We had to ring the bell and wait to enter the 9. ().

A has-been palace in total decay. My advice is to 10. () away!


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