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FCE - Informal Letters Practice 3.

Correct the typical mistakes - 3.

Correct the answers referring to the teacher's code which tells you the part of the sentence that is wrong. Write the corrections to make a full phrase in the spaces.

Key to symbols:
ph = complete phrase needs re-writing.
ww = wrong word.
g = grammar error.
t = tense or aspect error.
pr = wrong preposition.
s = syntax error. (wrong order).
r = wrong register (formal / informal).
mw = missing word.
o = omit a word or words.
pu = punctuation.
s = spelling.
sm = semantics (wrong meaning).
_ = part of word missing.


1) I love know different cultures. (mw x 2 - use verb "get")

I love know different cultures.

2) I love that you're looking forward to my visit. (ph - use: "really glad")

that you're looking forward to my visit.

3) I'm nervous to travel to the UK soon. (ph - use: "so excited")

I'm going to the UK soon.

4) I don't mind try it. (g)

I don't mind it.

Free time.

5) I play to computer. (pr, mw)

I play computer.

6) I listen their music. (mw)

I listen their music.

7) I've never practised skateboard. (ww, g)

I've never .

8) I often practise football. (ww)

I often football.

9) I go to practise swimming the Sundays. (o, o, ww)

I go Sundays.

10) I'm excited in try skateboarding. (pr, g)

I'm excited skateboarding.



*Incorrect answers are shown in red. You have two chances to find the correct answers.

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