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FCE - Informal Letters Practice 6.

Correct the typical mistakes - 6.

Correct the answers referring to the code to know which part of the sentence is wrong. Write the corrections in the spaces to make a full phrase.

Key to symbols:
ph = complete phrase needs re-writing.
ww = wrong word.
g = grammar error.
t = tense or aspect error.
pr = wrong preposition.
s = syntax error. (wrong order).
r = wrong register (formal / informal).
mw = missing word.
o = omit a word or words.
pu = punctuation.
s = spelling.
sm = semantics (wrong meaning).
_ = part of word missing.

Register (too formal).

1) In addition, my canary died last week. (r - three words: N.. o..y th..)

, my canary died last week.

2) Concerning my hobbies, (r - two words: Ta..... ab...)

my hobbies,

3) Moreover, (r - four words: On t.. o. th..)


4) However, I passed the exam in the end. (r - one word begins with "B")

I passed the exam in the end.

Letter endings.

5) I'd better go to study now. (ww)

I'd better go study now.

6) Hope see you soon. (mw)

Hope soon.


7) I've got to make my homeworks. (ww, g)

I've got to .

8) Yes, it's truth. (ww)

Yes, it's .

9) Before all else, (ph - three words: F.... o. a..)


10) I love sport, specially basketball. (ww)

I love sport, basketball.



*Incorrect answers are shown in red. You have two chances to find the correct answers.

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