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FCE - Informal Letters exercise 1.

Correct the typical mistakes - 1.

Below are some typical mistakes made by students practising informal letter-writing for the Cambridge First Certificate exam. Read the sentences and refer to the code the teacher has used to indicate the type of mistake. Write the correct answer in the space below. Use correct punctuation.

Key to symbols:
ph = complete phrase needs re-writing.
ww = wrong word.
g = grammar error.
t = tense or aspect error.
pr = wrong preposition.
s = syntax error. (wrong order).
r = wrong register (formal / informal).
mw = missing word.
o = omit a word or words.
pu = punctuation.
s = spelling.
sm = semantics (wrong meaning).
_ = part of word missing.

Greeting someone you know.

1) How are the things? (o)

How things?

2) I'm Irene. (sm)

is Irene.

First lines.

3) I'm going to tell you some about me. (ww)

I'm going to tell you about me.

4) I'm going to ask your questions. (sm)

I'm going to your questions.

5) I'm looking forward to visit you. (g)

I'm looking forward to you.

6) I am very happy by your email. (ph. use past tense, to get.)

I your email.

7) I'm really excited to meeting you. (pr)

I'm really excited meeting you.

8) Thanks for thinking on me. (pr)

Thanks for thinking me.


9) I like the same music than you do. (ww)

I like the same music you do.

10) I don't like. (mw. object pronoun 3rd person singular.)

I don't like .



*Incorrect answers are shown in red. You have two chances to find the correct answers.

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