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FCE - B2 - phrasal verbs in English - 11.

Phrasal verbs beginning with T.

Choose the correct preposition or adverb particle for the answer boxes to complete the phrasal verbs. See explanations below after the test and translations in Spanish.


I took ____ of her hamster while she was on holiday.


1) If you do the shopping today, I'll take ____ of the housework.

2) Mary takes ____ her mother. They have the same mouth.

3) Our flight took ____ on time. We arrived on time too.

4) Our company took ____ three new salespeople last week. Business is growing.

5) When little Jonny broke the vase, his mother told him ____.

6) When we got to the beach, we took ____ our shirts and trousers.

7) Buying a car isn't an easy decision to make. You have to think it ____.

8) I haven't any money in my wallet. I'm going to take some ____ the cashpoint.

9) I applied for the job as waiter but they turned me ____.

10) The French police caught the British bank robber and turned him ____ to the UK police.



*Incorrect answers are shown in red. You have two chances to find the correct answers.

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Example - take care of (something living) (look after, give food and help to - in Spanish, cuidar)

1) take care of / take charge of (a task) (be responsible for, take charge of - in Spanish, encargarse de algo)

2) take after (look similar or have a similar personality to a family member - in Spanish, parecerse a un miembro de la familia)

3) take off (leave the ground eg. an aeroplane - in Spanish, despegar)

4) take on (give employment to - in Spanish, contratar)

5) tell somebody off (reprimand, tell someone you are angry because they have done something wrong - in Spanish, reñir a alguien)

6) take off (remove clothing - in Spanish, quitarse la ropa o una prenda)

7) think something over (consider something carefully - in Spanish, pensar antes de tomar una decisión)

8) take out (withdraw money from the bank, etc. - in Spanish, sacar dinero)

9) turn somebody down (not to give employment to somebody, refuse an application - in Spanish, rechazar una solicitud)

10) turn somebody/something over / in (deliver, give to - in Spanish, entregar)

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