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FCE - B2 - phrasal verbs in English - 12.

Phrasal verbs from T to Z.

Choose the right preposition or adverb particle for the answer boxes to complete the phrasal verb sentences. See explanations below after the test and translations into Spanish.


We arrived late for the concert and were turned ____ at the door. We went for a drink instead.


1) (In a clothes shop) I like this jacket. I'm going to try it ____.

2) John asked Mary to marry him but she turned him ____.

3) I can't do the washing up; somebody's used ____ all the washing-up liquid.

4) Steve thought he would get the job as manager but they turned ____ his application.

5) You have to watch ____ when walking in these fields; there are poisonous snakes.

6) We took ____ a dog we found on the street. It was dirty, hungry and lost and needed a home.

7) I've worn ____ my jeans. I wear them everyday and now they are falling apart.

8) Mike needs to work ____ at the gym. He's too fat and never does any exercise.

9) Somebody sprayed paint on my car. Fortunately, I could wipe it ___ with a wet cloth.

10) These equations are too difficult for me. I can't work them ____.



*Incorrect answers are shown in red. You have two chances to find the correct answers.

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Example - turn away / back (refuse admission to some event, etc. - in Spanish, prohibir la entrada a alguien)

1) try on (put on an article of clothing to see if you like it or if it fits - in Spanish, probar una prenda)

2) turn somebody down (refuse somebody after a declaration of marriage - in Spanish, rechazar a alguien)

3) use up (finish a product so there is none left - in Spanish, gastar)

4) turn down (reject an application for work, etc. - in Spanish, rechazar)

5) watch out (take care, be careful - in Spanish, estarse atento)

6) take in (give a home to - in Spanish, dar cobijo a)

7) wear out (use something so much that it deteriorates - in Spanish, desgastar)

8) work out (do intensive exercise at a gymnasium to get fit - in Spanish, hacer ejercicio, entrenar)

9) wipe off (clean with a surface usually with a cloth - in Spanish, limpiar con un trapo)

10) work out (calculate correctly, find a solution to - in Spanish, resolver)

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