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FCE - B2 - phrasal verbs in English - 5.

Phrasal verbs from G to H.

Insert the preposition or adverb particle only. Write one word in the answer box that is missing from the sentence. Look at the explanations below after the test.


I get ____ well with Mary. We're good friends.


1) Let's get ____ with tidying the garden. We must finish before it gets dark.

2) I just can't get ____ this flu. I'm not getting better.

3) I want to get ____ of all this rubbish. It's starting to smell bad.

4) The management gave ____ to the workers' demands and an agreement was made.

5) John has handed ____ his resignation. He doesn't want to work in that company anymore.

6) They went ____ difficult times during the war. There was little food and water.

7) Let me finish this report. I've got to give it ____ first thing tomorrow morning.

8) (on the phone) "Please don't hang ____, caller. I'm going to see if Mr Jones is in his office."

9) "Hurry ____, Dave! We'll miss our flight if we don't leave now!"

10) I'm going to hold ____ payment until next week. I just don't have enough money to pay now.



*Incorrect answers are shown in red. You have two chances to find the correct answers.

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Example - get on (with somebody) (have a good relationship with - in Spanish, llevarse bien)

1) get on (with) (continue a task already started - in Spanish, continuar, seguir)

2) get over (recover from an illness - in Spanish, recuperarse de)

3) get rid of (throw away, dispose of rubbish, etc. - in Spanish, deshacerse de)

4) give in (to) (surrender, accept defeat  - in Spanish, ceder, rendirse)

5) hand in (or possibly, hand over) (to give to someone, a statement, a piece of work, report, essay, etc. - in Spanish, entregar, presentar)

6) go through (experience, usually, a difficult time) - in Spanish, pasar por, normalmente, tiempos difíciles)

7) give in (hand in, to give to someone, a piece of work, report, essay, etc. - in Spanish, entregar, presentar)

8) hang up (put down the receiver of the telephone - in Spanish, colgar el teléfono)

9) hurry up (be quicker, do something quicker than usual - in Spanish, darse prisa)

10) hold off (delay, leave some action until later - in Spanish, aplazar, demorar un pago, etc.)

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