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FCE - B2 - phrasal verbs in English - 6.

Phrasal verbs from H - J.

Insert the preposition or adverb particle only. Write one word in the answer box that is missing from the sentence. There are explanations below after the test and a translation into Spanish.


Mary held ____ her tears as best she could. But her heart was breaking.


1) (on the phone) "Caller can you hold ____ a moment. I'm going to put you through."

2) Mary's got a job handing ____ leaflets on street corners. It sounds a bit boring.

3) Mary and John want to get back together again. They're trying to iron ____ their differences.

4) We've always approved of the work the members of the RSPB organization do so we've joined ____.

5) "Paquito, can I play with you and your friends?" "Sure, Carmencita. Come and join ____."

6) (chairman in a meeting) "Right, to kick ____ I'd like to go over the minutes of the last meeting."

7) "I would hold ____ to that receipt if I were you. You'll need it if you want to complain later."

8) The bank was held ____ this morning. The robbers ran in with guns - it was terrifying.

9) My dog jumps up at people. It's hard to hold him ____. He's so big and strong.

10) I'm worried about my son. He hangs ____ with some strange people. They're a bad influence on him.



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Example - hold back (to stop yourself expressing some emotion - in Spanish, contenerse, frenarse)

1) hold on (wait a short time - in Spanish, esperar)

2) hand out (distribute things to people - in Spanish, repartir)

3) iron out (to resolve problems by talking about them together - in Spanish, resolver, allanar)

4) join up (to) (become a member of - in Spanish, hacerse socio (de))

5) join in (unite with others in some activity - in Spanish, unirse)

6) kick off (begin a meeting, a discussion, a football match) - in Spanish, empezar, iniciar)

7) hold on (to) (keep something safe, not throw away - in Spanish, guardar)

8) hold up (act of robbing a bank usually with people inside - in Spanish, atracar, asaltar)

9) hold back / hold down (restrain, stop something from physically going forward - in Spanish, contener, frenar el avance de)

10) hang out / hang around / hang about (be friends with, go out with - often pejorative because of the type of people - in Spanish, andar con alguien quizás con personas burdas, etc.)

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