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FCE - B2 - phrasal verbs in English - 7.

Phrasal verbs from K - L.

Insert the preposition or adverb particle. Write the word in the answer box that is missing from the sentence. See explanations below after the test and translations in Spanish.


John just kept ____ talking. He wouldn't shut up.


1) I enjoy running the marathon but I can't keep ____ with the fastest runners.

2) I was counting on Steve's help with painting the house but he let me ____. He didn't even phone to apologize.

3) Nobody talked to me at the party. I felt really left ____.

4) John looked ____ his mother until she died. Now he doesn't know what to do with himself.

5) In the FCE exam, if you can't answer a question, just leave it ____.

6) Mark thinks he's superior to everybody else. He looks ____ on people.

7) I've been looking ____ my watch everywhere. I just can't find it.

8) Children always look ____ to Christmas. They get so excited about it.

9) I always looked ____ to my father. He was such an important person to me.

10) When nobody came to my birthday party, I really felt let ____.



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Example - keep on (continue without stopping - in Spanish, continuar, seguir)

1) keep up with (maintain the same pace or level - in Spanish, seguirle el ritmo a alguien)

2) let somebody down (not to help, etc. when you had promised to - in Spanish, fallarle a alguien)

3) leave somebody out (not to involve somebody, to shun - in Spanish, excluir)

4) look after (care for - in Spanish, cuidar)

5) leave something out (omit - in Spanish, omitir)

6) look down on (to despise others because you think you are better than them - in Spanish, menospreciar, mirar por encima del hombro a)

7) look for (to search - in Spanish, buscar)

8) look forward to (wait for some event with much anticipation - in Spanish, tener muchas ganas que llegue algún acontecimiento)

9) look up to (admire somebody - in Spanish, admirar)

10) let down (similar to (2) but non-transitive, feel disappointed - in Spanish, sentirse defraudado)

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