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FCE - B2 - phrasal verbs in English - 9.

Phrasal verbs from M - R.

Write the preposition or adverb particle in the answer box that is missing from the sentence. See explanations below after the test and translations in Spanish.


When the police questioned the thief at the police station, he owned ____ that he had stolen the silver spoons.


1) After being two hours in the traffic jam, we drove a little faster than usual. We wanted to make ____ for lost time.

2) Mary made ____ the quilt from small pieces of coloured material.

3) I'm getting into trouble with the bank. I have to pay them ____ a lot of money.

4) "I'm not going to be able to make the meeting for 4 o'clock. Can we put it ____ to 6?"

5) Every day I pick ____ the children from school in the car.

6) When she came in, she put ____ all the lights and woke me up.

7) Mary put her holiday ____ to the beginning of August because the weather forecast was bad for the end of August.

8) When my neighbour complained about the noise of our party, I pointed ____ that she always had music playing loudly.

9) John found next door's cat in his house so he ruled ____ the idea that he'd been burgled.

10) Mary ran ____ from home when she was little. She wasn't a happy child.



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Example - own up (confess to doing something wrong - in Spanish, confesar que has hecho algo mal - no al cura)

1) make up (for lost time) (recuperate time lost - in Spanish, recuperar el tiempo perdido)

2) make up (construct, put something together with parts - in Spanish, componer, confeccionar algo con varias partes, trozos, etc.)

3) pay back (reimburse, pay money to the person who lent it to you - in Spanish, reembolsar, pagar dinero a alguien que te lo ha prestado)

4) put back / off (postpone to a later time - in Spanish, posponer)

5) pick up (go and fetch somebody, often with a vehicle - in Spanish, recoger a alguien - normalmente en un vehículo)

6) put on (switch on, connect a current via a switch - in Spanish, encender (las luces etc.))

7) put forward (opposite of put back, change a date of some event or plan to an earlier one - in Spanish, adelantar algún plan, acontecimiento, etc.)

8) point out (bring something to somebody's attention - in Spanish, señalar, indicar, llamar la atención)

9) rule out (reject, dismiss an idea or theory - in Spanish, descartar una idea o hipótesis)

10) run away (escape from some place, often from home - in Spanish, escaparse - normalmente de tu propia casa)

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