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The Frazels - phrasal verb practice.

The Kit Car - uses of "make up".


There are also exercises you can do on this video before you read the text. 

This video gives examples of the different meanings of the phrasal verb "make up". Listen carefully to see how many meanings you can hear. Mike and John actually get confused themselves and there are some misunderstandings which lead to confusion. See below dialogue box for help with difficult vocabulary. Enjoy!



Explanation of difficult vocabulary:

“lovely lines” – Mike refers to the shape of the car and its design.

“a kit car” – In the UK you can buy kits and construct the car yourself. You need good mechanical knowledge but the kit comes with instructions like a wardrobe from IKEA!

“she’s a good sort” – A good person.

“salt of the earth” – A very good and honest person.

“my sentiments entirely” – I agree with you completely.

“too right!” – You are right!

“a splash-up meal” – an elaborate and expensive meal.

“a few pints” – A few glasses of beer.

“chicken tikka” – an Indian dish; John was planning on going to the Taj Mahal restaurant.

“at our place” – at our house.

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