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B2+ - phrasal verbs - make up.

The Frazels in the “The Kit Car” (multiple meanings of “make up”).

Part 1: Listening for context. The phrasal verb “make up” is used with different meanings in this video. To find the context of the meanings, watch and listen to the video and fill in the exact missing words you hear to complete the sentences. An example is done for you.
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1) Mike: The bus is always late. It can’t make it up the  hill            !


2) John: No, I haven’t made it up. I really did it put it _________ myself!

3) Mike: Right. That’s what I meant. You made it up _________.

4) John: Well, it’s cheaper than buying a new one but, even then, my mum had to make up the __________.

5) John: I’m going to see Mary.
Mike: All right! So you’ve made it up, then?
John: Yeah. I mean, after _____ ________. What else can you do?

6) Mike: Making up for lost _________ I see!

7) John: Too right! Want to make up the __________?

8) John: Call Sharon and we could make up a ________________.

9) John: What’s the matter? Can’t make up your _________?

10) Mike: Well, I’d like to go but it’s Sharon. She ______ an hour to make up.

11) John: Oh, right! ____ _______?! Are you making it up?

12) John: We’ll make up a ______ for you both at our place.

13) Mike: I’m so sorry! I’ll make it up ___ _____! I promise!

14) Mike: Don’t suppose he’ll ever make up after ______!



*Incorrect answers are shown in red. You have two chances to find the correct answers.

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1) (example) - hill

2) together

3) yourself

4) difference

5) ten years

6) time

7) numbers

8) foursome

9) mind

10) needs

11) An hour

12) bed

13) to you

14) that

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Dialogue script: Watch the video and read the text...

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