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Word pairs: space and place.

Confusing differences between space and place.

These two words are often confused because of their similar meanings and their unhelpful translations in other languages. They are often false friends. Space is "an amount of area that is empty and available to use" and place is "a particular position or area" or "an area for a particular purpose".

Fill in the spaces with the correct version of space or place. (Do NOT use the plural of these words.)

1) The table takes up too much .

2) Can you make for an extra chair?

3) This would be a good to set up solar panels.

4) I love this living-room; there's so much .

5) My PC has 500 Gb of disk .

6) The boss has his own private parking . It's number 22.

7) It's difficult to find parking in London.

8) Central London has many parks and open .

9) Here, I've saved a for you at the table. Come and sit down.

10) There is no for irresponsible behaviour in this business.


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