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FCE - Word pairs: trip, journey (and travel).

Explanation of how to use trip, journey and travel.

These words are sometimes confusing for students. The first thing to remember is that a journey is one way but a trip is there and back again. We also talk about a journey when we refer to the experience with the transport or what happened to us while we were travelling: a difficult car journey, a tiring journey through the mountains. Travel is usually a verb (and uncommon as a noun except in literature: Travels with my Aunt = name of a book). We use travelling as a gerund or noun and it means the act of travelling: I don't do much travelling.

Fill in the spaces with the correct version of travel, journey or trip. (More than one answer may be possible.)

1) We're going on a boat today around the bay.

2) It was a long up to Scotland. We didn't arrive at our hotel until after midnight.

3) I've got a business planned for next week. I'll be away for three days.

4) I have to a lot in my job. It's very tiring.

5) The outward was quite quick but there were delays on the return.

6) We broke our in Madrid for a couple of hours to see the Prado museum then we carried on to Seville.

7) Let's go on a shopping this Saturday. I've got money to spend!

8) I don't like to take the car for short . I prefer to get the bus.

9) Have a good !

10) One problem with being a sales representative is that there is a lot of involved.


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