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FCE - B2 - common mistakes and difficult words - 2.

Write the correct word - false friends and problem words.

Correct ONLY the word underlined and write your answer in the space provided. If there are two possibilities, only write one. Example:

I have a constipate. I can't stop sneezing. (word begins with "c")


1) I cannot assist the English class next week (word begins with "a" if formal and with "m" if informal)

2) He is very sensible if you make jokes about his country. He nearly cried the other day. (similar word, begins with "s")

3) Ana did the sensitive thing and left her boyfriend. He was always chatting up other girls. (similar word, begins with "s")

4) I left my carpet at home. It had all my English notes in it. (begins with "f")

5) I'm not going to be able to go to the party on Saturday; I have other compromises. (means he has other things to do, other obligations - begins with "c")

6) I'm actually doing a course at the university (he means "at this moment" - the word begins with "c")

7) Mary looks embarrassed to me. She also feels sick in the mornings. (the word begins with "p")

8) She works in a big enterprise just outside Madrid. Microsoft I think. (not the best word here - use a word beginning with "c")

9) I pretend to speak perfect English in two years time. (means "it is my objective" - word begins with "i")

10) I can't support all this noise. It's terrible! Let's go home. (single verb begins with "t" or a phrasal verb + preposition (3 words) beginning with "p")



*Incorrect answers are shown in red. You have two chances to find the correct answers.

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1) attend / make (false friend - "assist" means "to help" - problem word in Spanish, asistir)

2) sensitive (false friend - "sensible" means "to do things thinking logically and from experience" - problem word in Spanish, sensible)

3) sensible (false friend - "sensitive" means "easily hurt" - in Spanish, sensato)

4) folder (a "carpet" is put on the floor - problem word in Spanish, carpeta)

5) commitments ("compromise" is to concede so as to reach an agreement - also compromiso in Spanish)

6) currently ("actually" is possible here (and can mean "actualmente") but is best avoided due to ambiguity - problem word in Spanish, actualmente)

7) pregnant ("embarrassed" means how you feel when someone makes you look silly - problem word in Spanish, embarazoso)

8) company (or possibly "corporation" - "enterprise" does mean the same but is not a common word in this context)

9) intend ("pretend" means to be something you are not - problem word in Spanish, pretender)

10) tolerate / put up with ("support" means to "give help to" - problem word in Spanish, suportar)

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