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FCE - B2 - common mistakes and difficult words - 3.

Write the correct word - confusing words.

Correct ONLY the word underlined and write your answer in the space provided. If there are two possibilities, only write one. Example:

I kept an agenda of what we did on holiday. (word begins with "d")


1) (One colleague phones another, who is waiting for him at a meeting) "Sorry, I'm going to be ten minutes late." "Ok, no problem. I'll see you now." (a word beginning with "sh" meaning "in a short time")

2) I have an appointment with a nice boy I met last week at a party. We're going out for a meal. (same meaning but should be informal - use indirect article + word beginning with "d")

3) (To a neighbour) I want to complain about your dog. Its barking molests me. (means "to make angry, irritate" - begins with "a" or "b")

4) The other day, I discovered a distant parent of mine. She was a second cousin to my aunt I think. (means someone from your family - begins with "r")

5) We realized the repairs on the swimming pool despite the rain. (means "finished" - begins with "c")

6) I go to the gym every day. I need to get sane again. (means "physically well" - begins with "h")

7) There was an advice on the metal box. It said "Danger electricity". (begins with "w".)

8) She couldn't answer any of the exam questions. She left the paper in white. (one word, means "nothing on it", begins with "b".)

9) Let's decide on a date in concrete for the meeting. What about Tuesday the 5th? (means "specific" - rearrange words - 3 words - adjective begins with "d")

10) I'm going on a manifestation tomorrow to protest about global warming. Are you coming? (begins with "d")



*Incorrect answers are shown in red. You have two chances to find the correct answers.

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1) shortly ("now" means "at this moment" in English; not in ten minutes time - problem word in Spanish, ahora)

2) a date (too formal - "appointment" refers to a formal meeting, or visiting a professional person like a doctor - problem word in Spanish, cita)

3) annoys/bothers (false friend - "molest" means "to cause someone harm" - problem word in Spanish, molestar)

4) relative (false friend - "parent" is your mother or father - problem word in Spanish, pariente)

5) completed (false friend - the first meaning of "realize" is "become aware" - problem word in Spanish, realizar)

6) healthy (false friend - "sane" means "mentally well" - problem word in Spanish, sano)

7) warning (false friend - "advice" is an opinion or suggestion we give - problem word in Spanish, aviso)

8) blank (false friend - we can't say "in white" - problem word in Spanish, en blanco)

9) a definite date (false friend - we can't say "in concrete" in this context - problem phrase in Spanish, en concreto

10) demonstration (false friend - "manifestation" is "action or sign that shows something exists" - problem word in Spanish, manifestación)

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