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FCE - B2 - more false friends in English - 4.

Which is the right word?

Correct ONLY the word underlined and write your answer in the space. If there are two possibilities, only write one. Example:

I can speak three idioms: French, Spanish and English (word begins with "l")


1) I introduced all the books into a large box. (word begins with "p")

2) My father inverts money in the Stock Exchange. He earns a lot of money this way. (word begins with "i")

3) I have to ultimate all the arrangements for the holiday. There is still a lot to do. (word begins with "f" or "c")

4) I really find English irregular verbs in past time difficult to learn. (possible but there is a better word - also begins with "t")

5) My grandmother is going to be translated to another hospital tomorrow. (word begins with "m" or "t")

6) When you start working in this company, you will receive six weeks formation to learn all the basics. (word begins with "t")

7) "¿Do you like paella?" "Mmm, it's rich." (she's saying she likes it very much - word begins with "d")

8) (Talking to a small child) Paco, stop jumping up and down! Be quiet! (she means "stop moving" - word begins with "s")

9) The tanker hit a rock and sank in the sea. A few days later, there was black petrol all over the beach. (word begins with "o")

10) I practise sport every day. I like to keep fit. (word begins with "d")



*Incorrect answers are shown in red. You have two chances to find the correct answers.

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1) put/placed (false friend - "introduce" is used as in "introduce one person to another" - problem word in Spanish, introducir)

2) invests (false friend - "invert" means to reverse something - problem word in Spanish, invertir)

3) finish/complete (false friend - "ultimate" is not a verb in English - problem word in Spanish, ultimar)

4) tense ("tense" is the usual word for this context not "time" - problem word in Spanish, tiempo)

5) moved/transferred (false friend - "translate" is to express something in one language in another - problem word in Spanish, trasladar)

6) training (false friend - "formation" has lots of meanings but is not used in this sense - problem word in Spanish, formar)

7) delicious (false friend - "rich" is used for food with a lot of fat - problem word in Spanish, rico)

8) still (false friend - "be quiet" means not to make any noise - problem word in Spanish, quieto)

9) oil (false friend - "petrol" is what we put in our cars - problem word in Spanish, petróleo)

10) do (false friend - "practise" means to perfect a skill - problem word in Spanish, practicar)

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