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FCE - B2 - more false friends in English - 5.

Words that sound similar in English and other languages.

Correct ONLY the word underlined and write your answer in the space. If there are two possibilities, only write one. Example:

When we go to the beach, my children love to play in the arena (word begins with "s")


1) I don't get on with my brother. We're always discussing. (she means "speaking angrily because they disagree" - word begins with "a")

2) Mrs Jones loved to talk to people and always said nice things. She was so sympathetic. (he means "kind" - word begins with "f")

3) We went to see a spectacle at the theatre last night, mostly flamenco dancing. (word begins with "s")

4) I want to wear my best rope for the party tonight. (word begins with "c")

5) I need to resume this document. It's too long. (she means "to make it shorter" - word begins with "s")

6) I've got to write the sales inform for my boss by tomorrow morning. (he means "written information or statement" - word begins with "r")

7) I bought this book in that new library in the High Street. (word begins with "b")

8) The River Severn is the largest in the United Kingdom - 354 kilometres. (word begins with "l")

9) Those biscuits are too bland; they should be harder. (word begins with "s")

10) I enjoyed doing my career at university. I got a first in history. (word begins with "d")



*Incorrect answers are shown in red. You have two chances to find the correct answers.

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1) arguing (false friend - "discuss" means to talk about something - problem word in Spanish, discutir)

2) friendly (false friend - "sympathetic" means to listen to people's problems - problem word in Spanish, simpático)

3) show (false friend - "spectacle" can be a show but it means it is particularly impressive and exciting - problem word in Spanish, espectáculo)

4) clothes (false friend - "rope" is a long thick string - problem word in Spanish, ropa)

5) summarize/summarise/shorten (false friend - "resume" means to start again after you stopped doing something - problem word in Spanish, resumir)

6) report (false friend - "inform" is not a noun - problem word in Spanish, informe)

7) bookshop/bookstore (Am.E) (false friend - a "library" is where you borrow books  - problem word in Spanish, librería)

8) longest (false friend - "large" means big, not long - problem word in Spanish, largo)

9) soft (false friend - "bland" means without flavour eg. food - problem word in Spanish, blando)

10) "degree" or possibly just "studies" (false friend - "career" refers to your professional life - problem word in Spanish, carrera)

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