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FCE - B2 - phrasal verbs in English - 3.

Phrasal verbs from D to F.

Insert the preposition or adverb particle only. Write one word in the answer box that is missing from the sentence. Look at the explanations below too after the test.


My daughter likes wearing different clothes. She dressed ____ as a princess for her birthday party.


1) I'm not very good at money. I let my wife deal ____ the household expenses.

2) No need to take the bus; I'll drop you ____ at the station in my car.

3) My brother didn't like studying. He dropped ____ of university and started work.

4) The meeting was really boring. It dragged ____ for hours.

5) She just can't do ____ tea. She drinks about ten cups a day.

6) When the pop star came on stage, all the fans cheered. It took a long time for the noise to die ____.

7) We got completely lost in London. We wanted to go to Hyde Park but we ended ____ somewhere near Heathrow Airport.

8) There's always a lot of work around Christmas time but it eases ____ in January.

9) I can't figure ____ the difference between phrasal verbs and prepositional verbs. It's too difficult.

10) Can you fill ____ this form, please? We need your personal details.



*Incorrect answers are shown in red. You have two chances to find the correct answers.

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Example - dress up (put clothes on of other characters, disguise oneself with clothes - in Spanish, disfrazarse con ropa)

1) deal with (handle, take charge of something, be responsible for - in Spanish, ocuparse de)

2) drop off (leave someone at a place after taking them in your car, for example - in Spanish, dejar a alguien o algo en un sitio)

3) drop out (leave a course before it has finished - in Spanish, abandonar los estudios)

4) drag on (continue for too much time - in Spanish, alargarse demasiado tiempo)

5) do without (not have a need for - in Spanish, no prescindir, no tener necesidad de)

6) die down / die away (diminish - in Spanish, irse apagando)

7) end up (find yourself in a place you didn't want or expect to be - in Spanish, terminar, acabar en un sitio donde no querías estar)

8) ease off / ease up (reduce, become less - in Spanish, disminuir)

9) figure out (think about something until you understand it - in Spanish, entender, resolver)

10) fill in / fill out (complete parts of a form - in Spanish, rellenar, completar un formulario)

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