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FCE - B2 - phrasal verbs in English - 4.

Phrasal verbs from F to G.

Insert the preposition or adverb particle only. Write one word in the answer box that is missing from the sentence. Look at the explanations below too after the test.


I don't know her address. I'll have to find ____. Maybe it's in the telephone directory.


1) In the end, the project fell ____. There wasn't enough interest in it nor enough money.

2) "I don't know what you're getting ____ when you say I'm department manager. Are you saying it was my fault?"

3) I just don't get ____ with that guy. He's always bad-tempered and rude.

4) I don't know a lot of English but I can get ____ in a simple conversation.

5) I can't pay the bills at the end of the month. I'm getting ____ debt.

6) You have to get ____ at Victoria tube station. Then make your way on foot to the main railway station.

7) The hamster got ____ of his cage last night. We can't find him anywhere.

8) She got ____ the chair to reach the biscuit tin. It was high up on a shelf.

9) She hasn't got ____ the death of her pet labrador. She keeps bursting into tears.

10) I got ____ late this morning. My alarm clock didn't go off.



*Incorrect answers are shown in red. You have two chances to find the correct answers.

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Example - find out (discover, look for information - in Spanish, averiguar)

1) fall through (fail, not continue as planned - in Spanish, quedar en nada, no concretarse)

2) get at (imply, insinuate - in Spanish, insinuar)

3) get on / get along (have a friendly relationship with somebody - in Spanish, llevarse bien con alguien)

4) get by (have just enough language knowledge to communicate basic ideas  - in Spanish, defenderse en un idioma)

5) get into (possible: get in) (become involved in some situation, begin to have problems with - in Spanish in this context, endeudarse)

6) get off / get out (disembark - in Spanish, bajarse)

7) get out (escape from - in Spanish, escapar)

8) get on / get onto (mount something - in Spanish, montar en algo)

9) get over (recover from a difficult situation - in Spanish, superar)

10) get up (leave one's bed after sleep - in Spanish, levantarse después de dormir)

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