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FCE - writing reviews.

First Certificate examination: writing (paper 2). How to write reviews.

When writing for the First certificate paper 2 review question, it's important to remember the following points.

Use a conversational style in your writing, especially when giving your own opinion, eg.

"I found the hotel extremely comfortable; the lounge area was quiet and peaceful with large plush sofas and armchairs."

However, avoid very informal expressions and adjectives which may sound too emotive or have little clear meaning, eg.

"It was a great hotel - the lounge was fantastic and had really comfy places to sit."

The aim of a review is so that people reading it can decide whether that hotel, restaurant, film etc. would be suitable for them. For that reason, your review should be descriptive using adjectives that are non-emotive and as precise as possible. Remember that what you like may not be appealing to someone else.

"The hotel is located at a 5-minute walk from a very clean beach of white sand and crystal clear water. Access to the beach, however, means walking down some rather precarious and dangerous steps. ..."

Once you have offered a clear description, you can add your own opinions, which could be positive or negative. Your opinions should be supported with why you liked or didn't like a particular thing.

"... Although I thought the beach was quite idyllic and uncrowded for the time of year, you need to be fairly agile and daring to get to it. I had to make my way down those steps very carefully!"

If you remember that a review is intended to be read by people of all tastes, income brackets and ages, you will write a text that will be more useful to everyone.

Enjoy the exercises and good luck with the exam!

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